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Arisa Mizutani 有沙

I will have a month to come to Boston next week, but before that, I made a new friend this weekend. I was invited to meet her (the new friend) from a good friend .

She is an American student attending a local university and she is going to study abroad from Showa Women’s University in June for three weeks. This time she will introduce the area around Downtown Crossing.

First, we took her to a crepe shop in Chinatown that she recommends.

We each asked for a favorite crepe(I chose Matcha crepe),then three people sat on the counter and chatted and waited for completion. While talking about each other’s hobbies and favorite music, three crepes gathered and everyone took pictures. After finishing eating, we went to shopping and said goodbye.

I was nervous at first at English conversation with her, but we were able to break down soon and we could not stop smiling. I think we could have had a really fun time though there was frustrating that I could not express in English yet. I cherished my encounter with this new friend and wanted to raise my English ability so I could have more conversation.



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