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You might say everyone love Friday, who does not love it? But we have a SPECIAL REASON to love Friday even more! So, what cheers us up on Friday “blue”?

The answer is— our teacher for grammar writing, Tom!

Grammar writing class can sounds very boring, but not with Tom in the class!

“The MTA song”

Do you know that we have a song for the “T”?

I am not sure that if we have any song for Yamanote line(or maybe Tozai subway line), but we do have a song about the T—The MTA song!


Well did he ever return? No, he never returned,

And his fate is still unlearned,

He may ride forever beneath the streets of Boston,

He’s the man who never yet returned.

Singing is one of the best way to learn English and I think I learnt something about American culture from this song—Sarcasm.


If you are lucky enough to be one of the students of Tom, do not forget to ask Tom to sing for your class! I am sure that you will love it!


P.S. Do not forget to google and see why poor Charlie could not return home

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