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Yukina Nakazawa 中澤佑紀奈

Last week, I joined a volunteer activity. It’s called “FOOD BANK.”  What is FOOD BANK? I wondered about it. I have never heard the name. In Japan, it isn’t familiar.

However, FOOD BANK is a great system! First, FOOD BANK collects a great deal of food which is near the expiration date, or which is not sold because of damaged packaging. This food comes from many companies that sell food products. Second, this food is categorized by kinds of foodstuff. After that, it is given to poor people.

If a company cooperates with the system, they will not need to pay fees for food waste disposal.

Also, if many companies cooperate with the system, they will be able to help feed many poor people. When I understood the system, I was deeply impressed, because I knew nothing about ways to eliminate food waste. In volunteer work, we engaged in the second process. I mainly categorized meat into pork, beef, chicken and processed food. We worked very much. As a result, we were able to make many packages. I was a little tired, but I had a valuable experience!

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