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Hello! I’m Momoka from Wing9. We have only a few days left. My last volunteer at Manning Elementary School and British School will finish this week.

At Manning Elementary School, I taught origami, hiragana and janken to American kids every Tuesday and Thursday. At British School, I taught hiragana and katakana, read some books in Japanese and show some Japanese children’s story anime to the students who had Japanese parents or mother.

These volunteer were very fun and kinds are so lovely! I’ll miss them and never forget their shiny smile!

British photo1

British photo2

こんにちは!ボストンでの生活も残りわずか… 今週でManning Elementary SchoolとBritish Schoolでのボランティアも最後です。

Manning Elementary Schoolでは毎週火曜日、木曜日におりがみやひらがな、じゃんけんなどをアメリカ人の子供たちに教えました。British Schoolでは毎週金曜日に両親またはお母さんが日本人の子供たちにひらがなやカタカナを教えたり、日本語で読み聞かせをしたり、昔話のアニメを見せたりしました。

Mannning photo2



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