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Regret about doing something more than not doing it
I would like to write about optional trips. I went to New York and Niagara. You can choose whether to go or not, but I joined both. And if you have a chance to go for optional trips, I recommend going on both 🙂
Roughly, I will show you the places I have visited throughout the three days of each trip, and what I have experienced.

~ NY trip ver. ~ / June.16.2017 ~ June.18.2017
 Rockefeller Center – Top of the Rock
 Museum of National History
 Times Square
 Broadway – Aladdin
 Hard Rock CAFÉ (dinner)
 Cruising – Statue of Liberty
 Metropolitan Museum of Art
 5th avenue ( Times Square )

~ Niagara trip ver. ~ / June.23.2017 ~ June.25.2017
 Cruising – Niagara falls
 Skylon Tower (dinner)
 Norman Rockwell Museum
 Lee Outlet Mall

I experienced both trips, personally, I liked the Niagara trip better than the NY trip because I could spend time more slowly. But both were great memories and experiences. I think that each trip is surely able to make a nice memory, so you should join the optional trip by all means!!

I hope we/you have a wonderful day…

今回、私はオプショナルトリップについて とてもざっくりですがご紹介したいと思います。
私たちは 3日間ずつのトリップの機会が2回あり、それぞれ NYとナイアガラでした。
個人的にはNYトリップよりも ナイアガラトリップの方が時間に余裕があって、
オプショナルトリップに参加してみてください ♪
そんな 残り僅かな私たちにとっても、これからボストンを経験する後輩の皆さんにとっても、

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