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We finally visited New York City and enjoyed all three days although the schedule was so busy!

First day, we enjoyed dinner at the restaurant which was decorated old movies and American comics, such as Star Wars, Back to the Future, Spider-Man and so on, as soon as getting of our coaches. The city was little bit similar to Tokyo but everything in NYC was brilliant so we were fascinated by the scene. After having dinner, we had a fine night view from Top of the Rock. I have never experienced such a thing!


Next day, we went to a lot of places, National History Museum which was used as the stage “Night Museum” which is one of the most famous movies in the world, Times Square, Broadway to appreciate Matilda and Night Cruising to meet Statue of Liberty. Especially, most of students were impressed by seeing Statue of Liberty because she is a symbol of not only liberty but also NYC and the US. I think she was smaller than I had supposed before but she was so divine and all of us realized that immigrants had been filled with hope when they had come to new land to get a better life.



Last day, we visited Metropolitan Museum, which is the biggest museum in the US. We were overwhelmed the scale so some people got lost. But we enjoyed and studied history. Last of our schedule was shopping so we bought a lot, a lot, a lot!! We will not forget this travelingJ


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