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Mayuko Yoda 麻友子

I took the TOEIC on June 10 (Sat) at Boston Embassy language school near Boston Common. It was my first time to take a test in another place than Showa. I was very nervous. The difference between Japanese style and American style was very great. I’ll tell you about TOEIC in America.


i. Enter the reception area and show your photo ID (passport or driver’s license), and copied Admission ticket. When you enter the reception area, you show the staff these items, check your name and get a sticker (pic1), on which you fill out your address.

ii. You put your luggage in a room before you take the exam. You can bring only your writing utensil and your ticket. I recommend that you bring a wood pencil and a mechanical pencil! It might not be acceptable to use a mechanical pencil.

iii. Fill out your information on your answer sheet.

iv. Start the test (same as in Japan)

v. You can receive your score after 2 weeks by mail (pic2). It’s a big envelope and it’s stored at the front desk. And results are not posted on the website to protect personal information.


☆  The meeting and start times might be late. In my case, it was delayed 1 hour, so you have to deal with an unusual situation flexibly
☆  The desks are smaller than in Japan.
☆  The answer sheet is different from Japanese style! In the American style, it asks about country and language code, so you choose and put in the number. And you copy a pledge that you are the one taking a test, and sign on your answer sheet.


1. 受付で身分証とコピーした受験票を提示し、名簿表に自分の名前があるか確認する。ステッカー(pic1)をもらい、名前と住所を書き込む。(結果郵送時に張り付けられる)
2. 教室に荷物を置く。(試験会場教室とは別) 試験時に持っていけるものは、筆記用具と受験票のみ。鉛筆も用意しておいたほうがいいです!(鉛筆のみの会場もあるかもしれないため)
3. 試験教室に入ったら自分の席にすわり、解答用紙に必要事項を書き込む(日本スタイルと少し違うため、注意)
4. 試験開始~終了(日本と同じ)
5. 試験結果は2週間後に郵送されます。封筒が大きいため、フロントデスクで保管される。(pic2)

· 開門時間と試験開始時間が遅くなる場合がある。(私の時は、1時間遅れました、近くのマクドナルドにいました)少し注意をしておく。
· 机のサイズは日本よりとても小さい。
· 解答用紙は、日本と違うスタイル。(日本は横長、アメリカは縦長)言語や国のコードを記入する。誓約書を書き写し、試験日とサインを書く。


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