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SO, most of the Showa students prefer to hang out during Friday, that’s the reason why we’re here—to explore Boston! Life is too short for us to stay in dorm for tv series or facebook during our stay in Boston, grab your bag and let’s get on the shuttle!

One of the greatest place you can hang out is Harvard Square, beautiful view, delicious food and most importantly, it’s very easy to access.

From Reservoir station Bus 86



Harvard 2

It takes approximately 27 minutes from reservoir to Harvard square which is really close!

Mexican food—Border café

Border café is one of the favorite restaurant of my friend, Mira. You usually have to wait in a long line before getting a seat. But we were so lucky to get a seat without waiting for a minute!




The beverage was huge!!! First cultural shock in America.


Can’t help eating more and more of these…



First Mexican food ever! I had a chipotle (or something like that…) and it was amazing and actually reminded me of Malaysian food.



I’m not a fan of avocado, but this was really good! It was a mix of avocado, lime and something else… (Pls find out yourself if you’ve a chance to dine here)

Cannoli—Mike’s Pastry

There’re many things you can do around Harvard square or maybe just walk around the area. And I’ll definitely recommend having a Cannoli from mike’s pastry!




This is what you’ll get from the pastry.



Instead of bringing it home or having it in the pastry, the best location to enjoy your Cannoli will be—Charles River!


Ending the great day with a selfie with friends!









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