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By Xin Yee Tee

Field trips are not only about having good meals, I know. But it’s still super exciting to have something different for lunch on field trip sometimes.

SYSCO is the biggest food distribution company in the United States and it is so big that they had to build it outside of the city! It took us approximately an hour to get there by bus.

This field trip (economics class) was organized by the academic department of Showa Boston and Sodexo, who operate the cafeteria at school. Therefore, we have a special guest this time: Michael Muldowney from the cafeteria!

I think the inclusion of Michael makes the field trip a special one because many of us might not have a chance to talk to him on campus, so we got to know him a little more during the trip.


What is really cool about SYSCO is…… they have their own test kitchen! I think that’s where our lunch came from LOL!

Test Kitchen in SYSCO

Our tour guide of the day: Steven. He was super friendly and he showed us around the factory, from the cool ‘rooms’ to their warehouse. As to keep the food fresh, SYSCO is very serious about temperature control. Some of their workers have to work in these refrigerated rooms, where we could only stay for less than 2 minutes!

Some souvenir from SYSCO! A cap, pen and magazine about the company called ‘Foodie’.

After a tour around the warehouse, it was………LUNCH TIME!

FYI, below is a picture of my first ever apple pie in Boston, and it was at SYSCO Boston!


Thank you and see you again, SYSCO!!!

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