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Erica Iijima 永梨香

Be Yourself

Stress-free life

Since I live in Boston, my life style stresses and diet have completely changed. For example, managing time, treating my friends, eating food, etc. I tend to eat too much when I feel excessive stresses. A few days ago, I unexpectedly noticed I ate too much. I gave in to the temptation of the cafeteria because of accumulated stresses. I hastily visited my friend’s room, where I checked my body weight. (I don’t have a scale, but my friend has one.) But my weight was the same as in Japan. I was so surprised. Why am I not getting fat? So, I explain the benefits of exercise and eating healthy.

To exercise has two benefits. First, you can release stresses via walks out. When you exercise, your body secretes ‘serotonin.’ It helps to release stresses. Second, from exercise you get patience. To continue working out is not easy. If you continue exercise, you can be more patient. For easy exercise, I recommended walking under the sun. When you walk under the sun, the serotonin is secreted and you can be refreshed. Or, the best way of exercise is that you choose your favorite one.

Good diet is also important for your body and your mind, because food affects many parts of a body. And, you should pay attention about food quality. Most people care about food calories, but the more important thing is caring about ingredients. You should look at what food contains. You have to be moderate with chemical seasonings. It is possible that they will be a lot of bad influences on your body. For these reasons, you have to have a balanced diet.

In both cases, the most important thing is you live a stress-free life.


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