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Showa Junior High School alumni Motoko Day recently presented her findings on current study abroad trends with the Japan Society of Boston. The discussion began with a brief history of John Manjiro, a Japanese sailor who became the first international “study abroad” student in the United States.

Following this, Day discussed the state of Japanese study abroad programs; she explained that students are gravitating towards programs that offer online components or programs that will allow them to remain connected to their home life.

However, Day states that she loves what the United States has to offer: “I love the diversity, freedom, and opportunity that the United States gave me. You can’t get that through the Internet,” she says. “You have to experience it.”

The Japan Society of Boston is the oldest society of its kind in the United States, being in operation since 1904. Day’s lecture was part of the Brown Bag speaker series, which are held monthly and feature presentations on aspects of Japanese culture. More information can be found on their website:

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