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Showa Boston Student Blog


Fun @Boston College

Hi! It’s Kayoko from Wing9. I went to the Boston College for field trip. It had held Art festival. There are singing concert, instrument concert, painting exhibition…. Some college students were drawing pictures in outside, so I and my friend joined it! People pick up...

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Showa Trips

Regret about doing something more than not doing it I would like to write about optional trips. I went to New York and Niagara. You can choose whether to go or not, but I joined both. And if you have a chance to go for optional trips, I recommend going on both :)...

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Biz Times Interview 5: Ms. Danielle Archer

Natsumi Hara・XinYee Tee 悔いの残らぬ人生を Message from Danielle: Being a Mom  I went from being a good student to a straight A student. I think that is to say, “I am a mom now, but I have to be more than a mom.” Maybe I’ll enjoy it more, too. I enjoy being together with my...

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Summer Party

This month we held our annual summer party. We were thrilled to welcome 60 guests representing 10 different organizations and institutions throughout Boston, including MIT, Boston University, Wentworth, and the New England JET Alumni Association. The party included...

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Yukina Nakazawa 中澤佑紀奈 痩せたいと言いつつ食べちゃう系女子 Last week, I joined a volunteer activity. It’s called “FOOD BANK.”  What is FOOD BANK? I wondered about it. I have never heard the name. In Japan, it isn’t familiar. However, FOOD BANK is a great system! First, FOOD BANK...

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Thank you for the rain, New York City

Xin Yee Tee Live at the moment If you had checked the weather forecast last weekend, then you would have an idea that our New York City trip was kind of humid and… wet. That was our second day in NYC.  The weather in the morning was fine, but we spent time visiting...

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