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Last weekend, we arrived at Canada and watched Niagara Falls!! Everyone had been looking forward to the trip so we had a good and valuable time although our schedule was too busy.



After boarding a hotel, we crossed the border between the United States and Canada. It was unbelievable in Japan to cross a border by bus because Japan is the island and there is no country next to Japan.




When we watched the falls for the first time, everyone cried and was admired. I have never seen a magnificent thing. We were struck with the grandeur of the falls.

In addition, we enjoyed dinner with having the beautiful view at the Summit Suites Restaurant at Skylon Towers. We ate a delicious steak, a rib, chicken and dessert.

And last day, we went to Lee Premium Outlet and bought many clothes, bags shoes and so on. We were pleased with the trip. And we will enjoy Halloween party this weekendJ



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