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Hello, we are wing8.

We went to Niagara Falls from October 21 to 23. The first day, we took bus at 4PM. And we took bus for about 8 hours. It’s so tried for us. That day was just sleep in hotel.


The second day, we get up at 6:30AM. And leave at 8AM. For 3 hours, we took bus and the students look like sleepy. But as soon as we saw the Niagara Falls, We wake up! The falls were very powerful, beautiful. But it’s too cold for us to go out. So, we enjoyed shopping. I bought maple syrup and cookie. We took pictures in front of Niagara falls with Wing8.  After that, we took Niagara cruises! We enjoyed both Canada side fall and America side fall. The spray was violent, so we got wet. We were very excited and scream.



In the free time we walk the around Clifton Hill. There was amusement grounds in there. It’s very lively. After free time, we ate dinner at Skylon tower. Skylon tower is 236m high. So, the view was wonderful!! The meal was so delicious! When we go back to our hotel, I felt so sad. The final day, we went to Norman Rockwell museum. Norman Rockwell is artist and he drew traditional American painting. The pictures were lovable. I bought his picture’s post cards in museum shop. After, we went to Lee outlet mall. There are many bland shops so, many students bought a lot. I bought backpack, handbag and clothes. I was so happy!! This trip was so fun. Next travel is New York! I want to enjoy the trip!


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