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“If you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute”, Boston weather is very unpredictable, it was snowing 10 days ago but today’s weather was like summer! So, even though it’s Monday today, hanging out around Boston Common after class definitely is an ideal way to spend your day!




In Tokyo, café or shopping mall will be a great place for the students to hang out with friends, but we’re going to spend our day and hang out with friends like a Bostonian do! According to my friend Rana, a Bostonian who always get lost in Boston, the college students in Boston usually hang out around the park and just sit on the lawn enjoying the nice weather.

So, Boston Common or Boston Garden will definitely be the best places to spend your time with friends! But before that, you might need to get something dessert for your day, Newbury street could be a best place to get them!

1st stop: Georgetown Cupcake



The “cupcake trends” in Japan might be gone for a few years, but still, in America it seems like a classic dessert which never get out of fashion. No matter you like sweets or not, you should always try once! FYI, I had a red velvet cupcake from Georgetown Cupcake.

2nd stop: Amorino (Italian ice-cream)




If you think you’re not a fan for cupcakes, here is another recommendation from Rana, Amorino ice-cream!

3rd stop: Boston Common





Squirrel is everywhere in Boston! They look cute but be careful, because my friend said that they’re cute but mean!



Best place to chill out in the Spring—Boston Common!

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