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Hina Yasuda 妃那


I got up early to go to the Hay Market with friends.  In the train, there were a lot of people because today is Sunday.  While I talked with friends, we arrived at the destination. The wind felt good.

Where is Hay Market?  So, we asked the old man who was near us. But it is not found.  So, we checked the Hay Market’s information in the book that I had.  Then today the fresh food market was not held, because it was only Friday and Saturday morning that it is opened.

Reluctantly, we went to the Boston Public Market which it was near.  There are a lot of stores inside there. A doughnut store and bagel store, tea store and so on.

There are a lot of my favorite food stores. Among them, I love the coffee store which named GEORGE HOWELL COFFEE.  I selected a cafe latte, and it was very delicious!!! Then, the latte art was lovely!!!

I want to recommend it to everyone!

We had a brunch which we bought at BPM and went to the park. There were a lot of people, parents and children, dogs and so on. The weather was so nice. We took pictures and videos. It was really a great weekend!

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