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Ayaka Shiratori 彩香




I went to the Harvard Business School by public bus with Hikaru to buy a binder of Harvard Business School as soon as I ate lunch. Since the shuttle bus of Showa is not operated on weekdays, we had to use the public bus. The public bus didn’t come on time so we waited for the bus at the bus stop for about 30 minutes. I thought that it was impossible event in Japan. (バスが30分遅れて来ないなんて日本じゃありえない!)

We could buy the binder I wanted safely but we had no time, so we stayed at Harvard Business School for only 5 minutes. I want to come back again when I have enough time. (時間がなさすぎてハーバードビジネススクール滞在時間5分…。でも、欲しかったバインダーが買えて大満足!サイズが3種類ある) Be careful as the Coop at Harvard Business School is only available on weekdays. (ハーバードビジネススクールのコープは平日しか空いてないので注意!)





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