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Hi from Wing2!

We’re Natsumi and Natsumu living in room 224. It has been 504 days since we came to Boston and we only have 8 days left. We are excited to see our family and friends in Japan but also we feel sad because we have shared the room for a year and half. We have spent time together for such a long time so it’s kind of weird that we are going to live apart. Anyway, we need to enjoy the rest of our life in Boston! It seems like most students have plans every single day until they leave, especially they are enjoying food. We often run into other Showa students in the city more than usual. 224 girls are foodies and of course we have a plan to eat out for dinner next week! We’re going to our favorite Spanish restaurants. One of good points in Boson is we can enjoy many kinds of food and Boston actually has a lot of good restaurants.

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