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Natsumi Hara・XinYee Tee
We asked many question to president Dr.Schwartz and learned a lot of things. Today we want to introduce some interesting topics that we heard.

1.Learning language
2.English speaking
3.Time management
4.Define success
5.dea with stress
6.working style
8.future vision

1. Is there any tips to learn language?
The best way to learn language is going to the country and spending time with native speaker. Also, it is good to watch TV, movies, listen to radio to learn language. So it is not something you just do in the classroom. It takes time and takes effort to speak another language. There is no silver bullet (magic solution), so you have to continue doing it.

2. Many people depressed when they speak English. Is there any advice for them?
We can’t try to be perfect. You know that you will make a mistake. You have to accept what you do. You just have to keep moving. The person who study language tend to embarrass about making mistake but this is not the good way to think. If you make a mistake, others might have trouble understanding you. Though nobody will laugh at you. If you want to do something difficult, you have to get ready to fall, you have to ready to make a mistake.

3. Do you have any tips to management time?
For work, I have a calendar. Every day I can see all of my schedule. Therefore, I can look ahead that next week, and think about what I should do. If you have things what you want to do, write on your calendar, then you can got a reminder and help you a lot.

4. How do you define success
To my mind success is achieving your goals whatever you goals are. Everyone have to set their own goals and if you achieve the goals that are success. Everyone don’t have to have a same goal with the other person. If everyone around you looks down on you, it doesn’t mean that you have to change your goal or way. You have to be true to yourself.

5. Some people have a serious problem about depression and stress. Do you have any solution of how do you deal with your depression or stress
I think it is very important to compartmentalise. If you study, focus on studying, when you having fun, you should focus on having fun.

6. Tell us about working style
Nowadays in United States, young people always talk about multitasking. Multitasking means you do many things at once. Young people says I’m good at multitasking. When I hear that, I think that doesn’t make sense at all. I think when you work, you need to focus on one things, at that time because if you are not focussing on one things at that time, you are not focusing at all. Young children include my children thinks that it is the good things to do one things at the same time, but I disagree.
One more thing is I hate to rush, and I don’t like to have no work. I feel stressful to work in the hurry, and I actually find it stressful to have too little work. I don’t feel valuable and just think like I’m wasting of time. Therefore ideally, I would just do steady work all the time. That is my style.

7. How do you define the leader and leadership?
If you force that people, that is not the leadership. Obviously there are many kinds of leadership. For example, you can lead by examples which means that you act in the way you want other people to act. Or you can lead by facilitation. But the most important think is moving people in the certain direction without forcing them to move.

8. Do you have any vision or goal for the future
For showa, we are trying to attract more student from new department. In the past there are only Eikomi, Kokusai and business students so we want to change that. After that we will like to attract more student from other Japanese universities. And ideally we will also attract more students from other country. Showa has relationships with many different countries so it would be very good if we could bring in a few students from those countries. If we have many students form other departments or countries, we can have a wider range of interests. Also, those environment make students to speak more English. More students use English on campus, the more English everybody learns. We are talking we will create the international dorm (wing) that will mix showa students with other foreign students. Now we are working to the language school in Boston and we will rent some of the room to their students. I think if this become true, it would be good for everyone.

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