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All of University16 members in wing 5 have become adults legally on January 5, the date is before Coming of Age ceremony. We celebrated the last member’s birthday that day!! She noticed we planned to celebrate her because she found a birthday cake! But our surprise would success.COA2

On January 6, we joined Coming of Age ceremony in the morning. Ms. Kaneko came to Boston all the way from Japan made a speech for us. We promised that we have own responsibility in society and contribute to not only Japan but also all over the world. All of us have never expected to welcome our coming of age in Boston before, of course our parents. However, I think it is a precious memory in our lifetimes. Few people can celebrate the day in other countries. I want to say to my parents, family, and all people around me “Thank you so much” from the bottom of my heart.



In the evening, almost of us joined a banquet in Omni Parker Hotel which is the oldest and historic hotels in Boston. Probably we cannot visit there in private. Of course, we dressed up! Actually, we wear really casual clothes in most of our life here so it was our first experience to dress up. We would look like Disney princesses. We had truly great and delicious dinner. In my opinion, Boston cream pie was the best in all dishes. After eating, a DJ came there and we enjoyed dancing about for 3 hours!! Maybe we can never experience such a party in Japan. Everything was wonderful!!


By the way, time has flown very fast!! 34 days left!! That’s why we have to live valuable days with this members.




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