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We went watching Blue Man show. Blue Man show is held Charles Playhouse in Boston. Charles Playhouse is located near Boylston Station. Inside of the playhouse is narrow and dark. The souvenir shop is also small and we bought T-shirts. However, the performance space is separated from the waiting room and on the second floor. The performance space has many seats and most of the first-floor seats was filled that day. In the waiting room, you can eat and drink something you bring, but in the performance space, you can eat and drink only something that you buy inside.


We were excited before the show, because people in the hall was already hot and enjoyed the atmosphere. I thought this hot atmosphere was very American and it was not common in Japan. Also, three blue men made interesting sounds by using tings used in the daily life, for example, pipes or foods. We were surprised such a nice combination of many kinds of sounds. However, I was shocked that the blue men wasted much of foods or things for entertaining. I could not understand that point and I found difference of laugh between America and Japan, so I could not laugh all stage. After the stage, we got a chance to take a picture with one of the blue men. It was nice service and we enjoyed many types of entertainments. BM2


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