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Naho Bushimata 菜穂


A month passed since I came to Boston. Since I came here, I have got a lot of opportunities to meet people with a way of thinking is different from mine. For example, Japanese friends, American friends and Guest Speakers, and so on. Thanks to this, I got to see myself objectively.

It was good for me to hear talks of Guest Speakers when I see myself objectively. And I saw that their faces were gleaming with hope, when they were talking.

Then I realized what they have in common.

It was that they were doing what they wanted to do. Since then, I started to think what I was interested in, and I found I liked English so much that I had never felt anything like pain, although I wasn’t good at English. On the contrary, I have fun studying English! This is the first time that I continue to be interested in it. I really appreciate being given an opportunity to realize how exciting it is to study English. Also with this as a starting point, I’ve started to think of doing a job that has to do with English in the future.

I think that it will take time for us to find our interest. Actually, I spent time finding my interest. And I think if you don’t have your interest, you should talk with many people who you have never talk with or hear them talk.




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