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Hello, I’m Aimi from wing3.

The week before last Saturday, I went to Assembly row with my friends.

There is a lot of shops especially sports shop, like nike, adidas, puma…etc. As you know, It’s outlet mall. So, every goods are reasonable!! We could get some goods at half the price of Japan. We were so excited!

After that, I saw so many people who wear T-shirt that are printed ”Edelman” standing in line in front of PUMA. I was curious about it, because I’m big fan of New England Patriots and Edelman is one of the player of Patriots!! So, I asked them ”Is Edelman staying here?” and they said ”Yes, and this is free” I was so surprised ,then I stood in the line.


Unfortunately, after 20 minutes, it was finished. But I heard somebody shout with happy voice and I saw him come this way with bodyguards(police)and they handed off the fans.

But I really wanted to take a picture with him , because He is the athlete I admired!! So, I passed through bodyguards underarm!! I know it’s ridiculous, but I’m desperate to meet him.

Finally I could met him then I said”Hi! I’m from Japan!! I’m big fan of you!” and he said “You’re brave”while laughing.

         ←OMG! I could take a picture with him!!!

It’s been almost three weeks since I came here, one of my dreams came true!! I can’t believe it even now. I’m such a lucky girl!! Thank you Edelman!!

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