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   Showa Festival was held on last weekend from December 4th to 5th and wing5 explained American people about Ninja!!

We started to plan for the festival one month ago but we could not meet schedule, so we couldn’t sleep two days before the festival. While some members wrote a fusuma and a shoji to use as wallpapers, others made some games like OX game and a spot the difference, it is 間違い探し in Japanese. In addition, we were particular about the decoration outside of our room. We created wallpapers like a castle wall and tiled roofs. However it was too difficult to make them with only papers, cardboards and paint so we had to think creatively how to make them. We exhausted our own wisdom. And we made Ninja using origami to give people coming to our booth them as a gift. As a result, all exhibitions had just prepared!


During the festival, there were a lot of people regardless of age and gender so we were too busy. But the festival was succeeded! Especially the second day, many elementary school students commuting near Showa Boston came here and enjoyed our exhibitions. Some of them create a lot of Ninja stars to give their family or friends it. Moreover, we felt, however, that to explaining about Japanese culture in English was not easy. So the festival was one opportunity for us to do hard work and improve our English skills more and more.

Additionally, it was a snow day so Boston has welcomed to winter. Christmas is coming soon … .


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