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I have volunteered the Greater Boston Food Bank three days per week for three weeks in International volunteer program which students go to organizations from the dormitory in summer vacation. It costs 2,740 dollars even though it is volunteer because this program gives the students credits. Each my three friends in this program went to different places so there are no Japanese helpers in these places. I a little worried about that but there were physical works so I did not have any problems. I went to the Greater Boston Food Bank by a school car. My friend in the program went her place by herself and her money. I sorted ready-made foods by dates and packed them. I walked around to carry boxes so sometimes it makes me a little tired. I set up paper boxes. I put products into bags through a belt conveyer. A person brings foods from boxes to near the line. Another person brings and sets up boxes for people putting foods. It is team work. Volunteers enjoy conversation with workers in the organization. I introduced the Japanese tea ceremony to a college student girl and she got interested in Kaji Aso Studio, which is a Japanese culture center, and is known to many Showa teachers like Katherine, Tom, Pat, and so on. I met her in the last volunteer day for me. We folded letters from the organization to people. There were simple jobs which I have never tried before. They improved my creativity to come up with effective ways to deal with them. Therefore, I learned new things from International volunteer.


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