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On March 22, 2016, one of Showa Boston’s student Keito Takayama was invited as a guest speaker in Professor Randall Glickman’s Strategic Marketing class at Framingham State University. The American students are working on a semester-long project developing a higher education strategic marketing plan to satisfy the needs and requirements of the 2016 workforce market.  Keito’s overview of Japanese education gave the students a comparative basis to reflect on the U.S. education system.  Below is Keito’s report.


Visiting Framingham State University as a Guest Speaker!!

March 22nd, 2016

I met Prof. Glickman, a professor at Framingham State University, last year when he came to Showa Boston as a guest speaker and we have been keeping in touch for a semester. Today, I was invited to his Marketing class, and I gave a presentation about the Japanese higher education system and the workplace of the future.

I have had opportunities to meet guest speakers at Showa Boston and language school since I came to Boston. This was the first time that I was invited to speak in front of a group of people. I was nervous about speaking about Japan as a Japanese representative in the class. However, my tension disappeared quickly. All the students asked me questions and I was really happy when I knew that they were interested in Japanese culture. Also, they listened to me even though I have terrible pronunciation. That was really helpful so I could enjoy talking to them.

I think being invited as a guest speaker and talking in a class or in a school is really a rare and precious experience. Again, I appreciate Prof. Glickman for giving me this time, and also Christina, a 2015 SSIP participant from FSU, who gave me a lot of advice to prepare for this time. I want to appreciate all the chances I had, all the people I met and I will do my best in every moment.


Thank you

Keito Takayama

Showa Women’s University 19’

English and Communications






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