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Showa Boston Student Blog


MFA & Takashi Murakami

Hello, I'm Emily. October 29th, I went to MFA with my friend. Now, MFA has a special project, Takashi Murakami; lineage of eccentrics a collaboration with Nobuo Tsuji and the museum of fine ares, Boston. Japanese arts are very popular in Boston, there are a lot of...

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November Start

Hello, I'm Emily. Yesterday, many students went to Beacon Hill and got a lot of candies. They looked like so happy. We could enjoy real Halloween in Boston. Anyway, Today is November 1st. Recently, the morning and night are very cold. We have to prepare the jackets....

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Our RA Kenya

Hello, I'm Emily. A week ago, our RA Kenya left Showa Boston to work. She is always powerful and kind. Her smile makes us happy. We have a lot of memories with her. Honestly, we do not want to say "goodbye" but we want to cheer her life. Thank you Kenya! See you...

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CCP Reunion in Tokyo

Donovan Uhlman, a two year veteran of our College Connection Program (CCP), reconnected with the students he collaborated with, Mika, Rena, Natsumi, Misaki, and Nagi. He is currently studying abroad in Tokyo and was kind enough to send these photos. He wanted to thank...

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BLIP Project Field Trip

Hello, I'm Emily. October 10th, I went to Newbury Street as a BLIP Project class Field Trip with Michele. BLIP project class is to get us thinking about and interested in your futures. We learn about career in this class. Newbury Street is my favorite shopping spot....

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