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Showa Boston Student Blog


Biz Times Interview 6: Mr.Tom Griffith

Xin Yee Tee Live in the moment Life advice to students  Life is not about work; It is all about love. Advice for students who wants to be a writer  Read! Opening  Xin:     Thank you for sharing your time here with me today! But today you will have only me, alone....

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Boston Harry Potter Shop

Hello. I’m Ayaka. In the weekend I went to the Newbury St with Rina and Eriko. I went to the Lindt which is a chocolate shop. I like this chocolate very much. I bought many chocolates for me. We enjoyed shopping very much. We found a shop in Harry Potter and entered...

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Balanced Boston

Hello. My name is Ayaka Shiratori. I will talk about my impression about Boston. I think Boston is a balanced city. Boston is not too busy and is not too quiet in the U.S. There are many buildings that harmonized with the natural landscape and with history unlike...

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Obon Festival

About 100 guests from the Boston community attended our annual Obon event, which included traditional Japanese dancing, kaki-gori, and lots of Japanese games! [gallery...

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Showa Trips

Regret about doing something more than not doing it I would like to write about optional trips. I went to New York and Niagara. You can choose whether to go or not, but I joined both. And if you have a chance to go for optional trips, I recommend going on both :)...

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Biz Times Interview 5: Ms. Danielle Archer

Natsumi Hara・XinYee Tee 悔いの残らぬ人生を Message from Danielle: Being a Mom  I went from being a good student to a straight A student. I think that is to say, “I am a mom now, but I have to be more than a mom.” Maybe I’ll enjoy it more, too. I enjoy being together with my...

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Summer Party

This month we held our annual summer party. We were thrilled to welcome 60 guests representing 10 different organizations and institutions throughout Boston, including MIT, Boston University, Wentworth, and the New England JET Alumni Association. The party included...

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