Showa Friendship Circle

for Individuals & families

Interested in learning about Japan, introducing American culture and developing new friendships?

Families and individuals are welcome to join this program which matches Showa students with community volunteers.

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What is the Showa Friendship Circle?

The Showa Friendship Circle (SFC) matches pairs or triads of Showa students with community volunteers (Circle Volunteers) for intercultural exchange, conversational exchange, and recreational activities. Circle Volunteers and students spend time doing fun, interesting activities together. Some Circle Volunteers open their homes to Showa students for meals or just relaxing.

What should we do together?

Students want to experience “real” American life, so most of what you do in your daily life will be new and interesting for them. Some suggestions recommended by veteran Circle Volunteers are:

  • Sharing photos, which often leads to talking about differences in American and Japanese lifestyles.
  • Cooking a meal at your home, with the students helping you shop for and prepare the food.
  • Visiting friends or relatives, especially for special celebrations such as birthdays and holidays.
  • Playing sports and doing outdoor activities, attending local school or professional sporting events.
  • Playing card games together such as Uno, or board games like Scrabble where the students get to practice English.

How can I get started as a Circle Volunteer?

Before new Circle Volunteers are matched with Showa students, they are asked to participate in an SFC Orientation, led by the Coordinator. This orientation provides an opportunity for you to visit Showa for a student-led campus tour and a discussion with the Coordinator. It is also designed to clarify expectations, and to explain the administrative and intercultural aspects of SFC. You will receive more details about the program guidelines. These operational guidelines attempt to balance the spontaneous, independent nature of Americans and American culture, with the more conservative, protective nature of Japanese people. After you are matched with Showa students, the Coordinator continues to provide support to ensure that everyone has a successful experience.

For more information about the Showa Friendship Circle, please contact Community Outreach Coordinator at 617.522.0080, x4008 or

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Showa Friendship Circle
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