CCP Participants

What did you Learn?

US College Students:

What is the most useful thing you learned from this program? What did you enjoy?
  • The Showa CC program is the most fun I’ve had at college, and working with the girls has been an absolute pleasure. I hope to continue doing it my sophomore and senior years, as Junior I will be doing the year abroad in Japan. This program has truly sparked my already deep interest in Japanese culture and the nation itself.
  • I love this program, and I hope to continue working with Showa Boston in the near future if I am still in Boston. Thank you for giving me this wonderful opportunity. All of my students have been wonderful friends to me.
  • I had a great time and I could see the difference it made in my life. I could write pages about my experience.
  • Having the girls talk about their lives in Japan and then being able to show them my life in America. It was a great mind-opening experience.
  • Learning the differences and similarities between Japan and America.
  • I really enjoyed being responsible for representation of American culture. I enjoyed sharing our diversity and gained a new appreciation for the country I live in.
What was most challenging about your CCP experience?
  • The language barrier. At times, it was difficult to understand their English.
  • Sometimes I knew exactly what I wanted to say to them and I didn’t know how to phrase it so that they would understand.
  • One of the girls was especially interested and the other was shy.
  • Getting the students to relax and be confident enough in their speaking abilities to take chances with their speaking.

Showa Students:

What was good about CCP?
  • I was able to experience a part of the American University Student life.
  • We can learn about new things about us or culture which we cannot learn from classes.
  • Without CCP program, we may not learn about some of the American Culture, such as American student
  • Practice English by talking
  • I could learn about American education system and college classes, this was the thing that I have interested in most
  • He used simple English, listened well, so I could almost understand, and I was happy
  • We can know about real American student’s life and their ideas and it was interesting
  • At the first time, I couldn’t talk to him, because I was so nervous, but during the Visit 2, I could talk with him about a lot of things, so I was very happy
  • I learn American university life
  • Some points are same as Japanese, but some are different from Japan and my imagination
What did you learn from this opportunity?
  • I don’t have to be nervous when I met her first time
  • I think American student is very independent. I learned about his character and life
  • Open mind”
  • I learned about American class style. It was different from Japan, and it was interesting
  • American people are positive in class. Nobody sleep in class
  • I could see the classroom, and cafeteria, so I learned about real life
  • Students discuss a lot, and it is different from Japanese
  • His class seems to be very fun. Students are very talkative and friendly with their teacher
  • I could experience to attend the class in college, so it was a great opportunity
  • I knew she was interested in Japan
  • America has many immigrants. America has diversity
  • American students are on equality with teacher
  • American college is very freedom and independent than Japan
  • American college students have many part-time jobs to pay the cost of school
  • Almost all the American students talk their opinion
Showa Boston-College Connection Program


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