College Connection Program (CCP)

for College Students

The College Connection Program (CCP) is an intercultural exchange opportunity between students from Japan studying at Showa Boston Institute and American students attending the Colleges of the Fenway, Mount Ida College, Newbury College, and Lesley University. The American students work as College Connectors (CCs), bringing Showa Boston students to their schools for structured visits. These visits provide a chance for Showa students to experience American college life, while at the same time offers American students an opportunity to globalize their resume before, after, or in place of study abroad, whule gaining unique insight into the Japanese culture.

CCP is designed so that College Connectors and Showa students can learn and experience cultural differences in a casual and open environment. Together, CCs and Showa students decide when, where, and what they would like to do for each visit. The key of this program is to build relationships between college students with different cultural and linguistic perspectives.

CCP runs each year from mid-October through the end of January. For more information about the College Connection Program please contact Dan Lowe, Coordinator of Student Engagement at 617.522.0080, x4419 or

The 2017-2018 College Connection Program will run from

october 2017 – January 2018

Applications are available now and are due by Monday, October 2.

For more information about CCP, contact Dan Lowe, Coordinator of Student Engagement, directly at: 617.522.0080, x4419 or email:

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many American College students participate each year?

About 40-45 College Connectors (CCs) will be selected and prepared for this intercultural learning exchange. Each CC will mentor 1 group of Showa students. To facilitate success, CCs will receive intercultural training, ongoing support, and supervision.

How much Are College connectors paid for participation in CCP?
Successful completion of all CC responsibilities requires about 30 hours, for which CCs will be awarded a stipend of $300. Upon completion of Kick-Off Day at Showa (Saturday, October 21), each CC will be paid $100. The next installment of $200 will be paid upon completion of 4 visits with your Showa group and 5 survey-style reports (one following each visit and an additional final survey).
What are the qualifications to be a CC?

To qualify as a Showa College Connector, you must be:

  • A currently registered, full-time student
  • A U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident
  • Able to efficiently manage your commitment to this program, academics, other jobs, and personal commitments
  • Sensitive to cultural differences and customs
  • Respectful of the unique perspectives of foreign visitors
  • An enthusiastic representative of your campus
  • Motivated, out-going, and energetic
How to apply for the program?

The 2017-2018 College Connection Program will begin in October, 2017. The CCP 2017 Application Form is available now and due by Monday, October 2.

What are the time and schedule commitments for CCs?
  • Submit completed CCP 2017 Application Form by Monday, October 2.
  • Attend one of several 2-hour orientation sessions. Acceptance emails will be sent to successful applicants. These emails will include the date/time/location information for the orientation sessions, and each CC will be able to give his or her preference for attendance.
  • Attend the Kick-Off Day at Showa, Saturday, October 21, from about 10 AM to 7 PM. Showa will provide transportation, lunch, & dinner.
  • Communicate informally with students. Most Showa students communicate more easily in writing than verbally. However, it may be up to you to initiate conversations with your Showa students. These conversations can be about logistics surrounding your visits, cultural observations, or just casual chatter. While we encourage the Showa students to initiate these conversations as well, many times it falls to the CC to take the lead with the plans for visits. You can use any method of communication convenient for your group (email, Facebook, Twitter, LINE, text, etc).
  • Host 1 group of Showa students for 4 visits to your campus.
    • Visit 1: Academic Visit(5 to 6 hours). This visit is for Showa students to experience the academic realities of an American college student. Observing 2 of the CC’s classes is the goal of this visit. It will happen during regular school hours the week of October 23. This visit should also include a meal or snack in the campus cafeteria to preview and/or debrief the class experiences. Showa will provide shuttle transportation for our students to get to your campus.
    • Visits 2, 3, and 4: School club activity or campus activity. These visits are for Showa students to feel as though they are part of your school, and to experience “Student involvement in student organization/clubs/event” during the visits.
    • The visits will happen at a time mutually convenient to both the Showa students and you.
  • Fill out an online survey after each of the 4 visits (about 15 minutes per survey). These surveys serve as status updates and give us a sense of how the program is going.
  • Complete a fifth, final debriefing survey at the conclusion of the program.
  • All visits and surveys must be completed by Wednesday, January 31, 2018.
After I apply to be a CC, how will I know if I am accepted?

Showa will notify via email those applicants who are accepted by Friday, October 6. If you are selected, we will notify you of the details of the required Orientation session (held at Colleges of the Fenway, Mt. Ida, Newbury, and Lesley). We will offer this session several times. You can choose the one that is most convenient for you. If you don’t receive notification from Showa by the above date, that means that we have not selected you to participate in the College Connection Program this year.

How will Showa Boston prepare me for this challenge?
Showa Boston will provide solid preparation for this international adventure. The curriculum will include not only the practical aspects of planning and implementing CCP, but also the complex cultural issues related to interacting sensitively with Japanese culture and communication styles. CCs should expect to encounter unique and challenging situations within their CCP work. We will all collaborate to respond to these challenges with open minds, creativity, patience, and intercultural understanding.
Showa Boston-College Connection Program


Showa Boston Institute for Language and Culture

420 Pond Street Boston,
MA 02130 USA

TEL:617.522.0080, x4419

What they are saying:

The Showa CC program is the most fun I've had at college, and working with the girls has been an absolute pleasure.
The Showa CC program is the most fun I've had at college, and working with the girls has been an absolute pleasure.
I had a great time and I could see the difference it made in my life. I could write pages about my experience.
I had a great time and I could see the difference it made in my life. I could write pages about my experience.
I was able to experience a part of the American University Student life.
I was able to experience a part of the American University Student life.

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All participants in Showa Boston Institute’s College Connection Program will be required to complete an application for a criminal conduct/sexual misconduct background check during orientation. Continued participation in the College Connection Program will require satisfactory results from that background check.
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