Guidelines for Japanese Program Students

Welcome to the Showa Boston community

We’re happy you chose Showa Boston to continue your Japanese language and culture education. You are sharing the campus with hundreds of students from Japan. Because of this, we ask you to abide by the following guidelines while you are here.

  1. Please sign in at the front desk when you arrive for class, and sign out before leaving. An ID card will be given to you, which lets you enter the Academic Building and re-enter the Main Building through the door near the Cafeteria. When you wave the card over the scanner, you will see the light turn from red to green. After class, please leave the card with the receptionist when you sign out.
  2. You should not be utilizing the following campus facilities: gym and other athletic facilities, computer lab, pool, game room, student wings, or library. Using the shuttle bus to Reservoir to come to and leave from class is OK.
  3. If you choose to eat dinner in our Cafeteria, you must purchase meal tickets. Tickets are available from the Front Desk until 4pm weekdays, or you can call ahead and reserve tickets, paying for them when you get to campus. Alternatively, during mealtime you can purchase tickets by asking to speak with a Supervisor in the Cafeteria. There is no access to the Cafeteria outside of posted meal hours.
  4. Because your access to campus facilities is limited, you should not be arriving more than 1 hour before your class, and should not be staying on campus after your class has ended, unless waiting for the shuttle bus to Reservoir.
  5. Because this is a residential campus, please note that there may be events at night. You may be asked to leave the facility by a staff member or Security officer if it is deemed that your presence may be a hindrance to the event.
  6. If you want to learn more about Showa Boston or be more involved with our students, please sign up for our mailing list. Email Erin Naumann at: for more information.
  7. For your convenience, Showa Boston has a wi-fi network set up for your use. The network name is “GUEST WLAN” and the password is yankees88 (all lowercase).
  8. We reserve the right to restrict or revoke your ability to participate in any Showa related activities, use campus facilities, or visit campus for any purpose, if our community rules or Student Code of Conduct is violated. If you have any questions, please contact your Japanese instructor.

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Course Schedule

Spring 2018: Feb. 19 - Jun. 28
Fall 2018: Sep. 10 - Jan. 31

Each class meets once a week.

Program Calendar (PDF)

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