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Volunteers play a huge role in everything we do.

Showa Boston involves volunteers so that we can tap into skills, experiences and talents beyond what our excellent professional staff already bring to our organization and its work.

Showa Friendship Circle (SFC)

for Families & Individuals

SFC matches pairs or triads of Showa students with community volunteers (Circle Volunteers) for intercultural exchange, conversational exchange and recreational activities. Circle Volunteers often invite students to go sightseeing in the Boston area, and do fun, interesting activities together. Some Circle Volunteers open their homes to Showa students for meals, just relaxing, or for overnight visits. By sharing your own unique culture with Japanese students, you can expand your global perspective, and form meaningful friendships.

Showa Boston-College Connection Program

College Connection Program (CCP)

for College Students

CCP is designed so that College Connectors (CCs) and Showa students can learn and experience cultural differences in a casual and open environment. Together, CCs and Showa students decide when, where, and what they want to do for each Visit. The key of this program is to build a successful relationship between college students with different cultural/linguistic perspectives.

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