Showa Women’s University – Tokyo

Showa Women's University

The school’s 3 principles are:

  • Refined Elegance
  • High Integrity
  • Great Acumen

The founding of Showa Women’s University was inspired by the motto “Be a Light to the World.”
Upon establishing the university in 1920, founder Enkichi Hitomi explained in his “Opening Address” that women’s skills were now needed to transform a world devastated by World War I into one full of peace and hope.

Having founded not only a graduate school and university, but also a kindergarten, an elementary school, a junior high school, and a high school, the Showa educational foundation creates an environment for total education.

Department of English Language and Communication

Students develop their practical English abilities to a high level so that they can work in international society. Sophomore students spend from 5 to 17 months at Showa Boston. After returning from Boston, they continue to enhance their practical English skills and concentrate on academic categories, including English and American Literature and Culture, English Linguistics, Teaching English to Children, Media Communication and Business Communication.

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