Many thanks to the great SFC volunteers that met with the fall groups of students!

Believe it or not, 200 students will be here soon for our spring semester!!! We expect they will be very motivated to speak English and explore Boston with local Americans! So consider meeting them this spring!

Think Spring:
Join The Showa Friendship Circle

SFC Basics
If you have never participated in the Showa Friendship Circle program, here are the basics: it is a program in which you share activities, creating a fun, rewarding culture exchange with Showa Boston students.

  • You are matched with a pair of Showa students.
  • They are about 19 years old.
  • They will be here until August.
  • On average, volunteers meet with students twice per month, that’s about 9-10 visits.
  • You meet students for the first time in the end of April or the beginning of May.

Becoming a Circle VOLUNTEER
SFC info and details.
If you are new to the program, please fill out an: SFC INFO Form.

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